Friday, November 13, 2009

Bold Benares #6

Some culvert pipes are left on the street for construction and quickly turn into a market, a little strip shopping center. I love the enterprise and ingenuity of this.

This is at the market area called Dashashvamedh in Varanasi. This central site turns up in my novel Sister India. It's the point of reference for most explorations of this city. The marigold garlands are for celebration of a Hindu holy day.

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Debra W said...

Great photo! I am really enjoying this series of pictures. Thanks for sharing them!

Peggy Payne said...

It's fun for me to see them again, Debbie, and I'm showing them week after next at the divine Rancho la Puerta.

Anonymous said...

Your photos are such a wonderful respite from the daily minutia which can suck me in. These remind me that there are amazing things outside my world. What was your most frightening moment in India?
PS. I had to upgrade my PDA today and there before me stood the BLACKBERRY BOLD. I bought it in your honor, of course.

kenju said...

You may enjoy this slide show:

Debra W said...

Peggy, as soon as I mentioned to Mark that you are going to be at RLP, he told me I should go! Then we figured out that it is Thanksgiving week. Bummer! Maybe next time! I just know that you will have a glorious time there. The weather has been perfect lately!

Peggy Payne said...

I didn't know about Blackberry Bold, Anon, but am flattered to have inspired its purchase. My most frightening moment in India? Probably getting stuck in the rickshaw traffic jam next to the wild political demonstration (I blogged about that a couple or so days back.) Or it might have been the night early in my stay when I woke up and spotted an iguana on my bedroom floor and then it turned out to be my sandals.

I'll check out the Udaipur slides, Kenju. Thanks.

Debbie, that was so sweet of Mark to suggest. I don't think I realized when I set up this schedule that it was going to be Thanksgiving week. But it's working out. Yes, next time!