Monday, December 21, 2009

"Don't Let the Calendar Kick You Around"

This was my brother Franc's tongue-in-cheek advice when I was expressing myself this morning on the seasonal frenzy. He said: "Don't let the calendar kick you around."

Hearing that bold bit of wisdom, I realized I had already taken action to beat the calendar at its game. Bob and I decided this weekend that we'd celebrate our Christmas on New Year's Eve. Two birds with one stone.

If others have ideas about how to dodge the rigid expectations of the Gregorian year, do share.

And welcome to jpartch47, rudaras, and haii.

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kenju said...

Since Christmas is a state of mind, it shouldn't matter when you celebrate it - just that you do.

Merry Christmas, Peggy!

Peggy Payne said...

Good thought, Kenju. And Merry Christmas to you.

billie said...

I'm very impressed that your Christmas card with just my name and the town/state on it arrived today.

I guess it's my tiny but beloved post office, where people go to mail their letters, post their packages, and get free therapy from the postmistress. :)

And the card is beautiful - thank you so much!

Edgington said...

Peggy, I stumbled on your blog via the "next blog" button on the blogger nav bar. On your website bio you wrote: "Her ideal weekend plan is to "read-weed-and-bead," and hang out with husband Bob." Is this still true and why? Mariah
p.s. it takes much soul-searching to arrive at the point of not allowing the calendar (and relatives) to kick you around, doesn't it?

Peggy Payne said...

Welcome, Edgington. I found your question curious (who wouldn't want to read-bead-weed and hang out with Bob?) until I looked at your website and blog.

Do explain Caffection if you feel like taking the time.

And yes, that's still my favorite weekend, though I'm beading and weeding a bit less just now. Bob and I just spent a week at home mainly hanging out and reading; and it was lovely. We also uncharacteristically redid the den floor and reorganized the whole room, which was amazingly satisfying. That's the kind of undertaking that is truly bold for me.