Monday, January 04, 2010

Boldly Loyal to My Claxton Fruitcake

I adore Claxton fruitcake. Not everyone does. Some of my subtle, understated friends give me a hard time about this preference (also for milk chocolate over the bitter stuff.)

I have boldly refused to back down. This year I was given bars of my favorite cake by both my mother and my friend Carrie. A week and a half after Christmas, I have perhaps a quarter of one of them left.

Why do I love it so? I find it superbly dense and moist and fruity and nutty (70% fruit and nuts)and it has a faintly liqueur-like taste that I love (which probably comes from the orange and lemon included).

Also, if you hold a slice up to the light, it looks like stained glass. Tell me one other cake that can make that claim.

Sticking by my fruitcake publicly is good practice for taking larger stands, I think.

In an earlier post here "Stay Loyal to your Writing Passions", I repeated a story I heard writer Ray Bradbury tell on a crossing on the Queen Elizabeth 2. It was about his going back to the love that had gotten him so much ridicule in fifth grade. It was that enduring interest that made his career and allowed him to do his best work.

I don't know that fruitcake is going to do that for me. But who knows? And, like I say, it's good practice.

I hope you had a good holiday. I've been a nonblogger for two weeks, longest away ever, and I come back much refreshed.

Welcome to Mary, Lori, Muhammad, Harriet, Adityakiran, Edgington, and Shellelori.

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Debra W said...

Happy New Year, Peggy! And welcome back! I hope you had a wonderful break!(and I must agree with you about the milk chocolate!)


Enchanted Forrest said...

I agree! I love a yummy, fruity/nutty, moist fruitcake. I think it's gotten a bad rap.

I'm also a milk chocolate fan and agree with the idea of sticking with or returning to your enduring interests.
Sue I.
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Peggy Payne said...

Thanks, Debbie. I hope your holidays are good and that you enjoyed much (milk) chocolate.

Enchanted Sue, you describe it well. Alas, I finished the last of mine at breakfast this morning. I'm dangerously close to seeking out non-holiday C. fruitcake. That's a bit like drinking before five, I think. A slippery slope.