Sunday, February 14, 2010

Behind the Refrigerator

An event high on my scale of domestic boldness: this afternoon Husband Bob and I moved our fridge and cleaned the coils in the back in the hopes that this will take care of a popsicle crisis.

I am devoted to consuming coconut popsicles (up to three a day) of the Whole Foods house brand called 365. Lately these personally important items have been getting melty in our freezer.

Before tackling the fridge coils, I tried a different experiment. Two weeks ago, when there was snow here, I buried a popsicle in snow. My fallacious logic was that the snow was frozen and would therefore refreeze the popsicle into a solid item.

Not so. What I dug up was a sack of unappetizing milky liquid.

So I did some Internet research and learned that the problem might be dusty coils. For a person who doesn't dust things that are in easy reach, this is large.

Also, we live in a semi-old log house with two mastiffs. The layers of dust on the floor behind the fridge had to be scraped loose with a sharp object.

I'm eager to see if this cleaning thing works. Will report. If it does, it could encourage further domestic boldness.

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Anonymous said...

What a trooper!! You are saving the popsicles, by any means necessary!! You are a brave soul, Peggy. Upward and onward!! Save those delicious frozen treats!!!


billie said...

Now I'm craving those yummy coconut popsicles!

Maybe I should determine to clean behind the fridge and then reward myself with a few boxes for the freezer!

Hope your newly dust-free coils keep your treats nice and frozen.

mamie said...

Just this week I read an article in Natural Health Magazine about how cleaning the coils is an environmentally friendly thing to do. I thought about my refrig coils and how they have never been cleaned. I have, though, moved the refrigerator and cleaned the floor. This may not have been a move that saved the planet, but my kitchen environment certainly was better afterward.

Peggy Payne said...

My popsicles are somewhat more frozen. A significant improvement. So maybe if I cleaned out the inside that would help too. Not sure about the physics of these things, but it sure wouldn't do any harm.

I'm at least gratified to know that I'm saving the environment.

Wishing you solid popsicles, Irr-Goddess, Billie, and Mamie.