Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Dabbling in Retail

Recently I decided to sell some clothes on consignment. In the past I've taken my physically or emotionally outgrown items to the Goodwill. This new possibility felt to me a small enticing adventure. I grew up in the midst of the clothing business. My parents owned stores in Wilmington, NC. And I feel I know a tiny bit about merchandising.

Well, dammit. Neither consignment store I tried wanted a single piece. One place said that my items were "too matoo-ah." The girl there pointed out that their target audience is high school girls. It is true that I'm 61, but my husband thinks I dress like a high school girl.

So I went to a consignment store for classic clothes, thinking surely they'd like my tastefully mature collection. There, I was given no reason for the total rejection, and didn't ask for one. Apparently I'm neither a high school girl nor a classic.

Next stop is either the back door loading dock of the Goodwill-- or Sotheby's. I'll show 'em.

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mamie said...

This is funny. I'm for sure going to keep taking mine to Goodwill - who needs rejection on your rejects??

Greta said...

Peggy, just think that your style is unique! Surely you don't want to be a mainstream dresser!

You and Mamie keep taking your things to Goodwill since Mike and I do our shopping at the Goodwill in Beaver Creek Commons. I've never considered the clothing there to be rejects!

Anonymous said...

Gadzooks!! How dare they reject your clothes!! In this day and age, there are so many people out there that are in need of help with so many things, including needing clean clothes. And yet, those stores had the nerve to turn you away, when you were just trying to serve the community for the greater good?? What a bunch of monkey-brained naysayers!!

Peggy Payne said...

I appreciate the wardrobe support, You Three Goddesses.

Greta, turns out you and I shop at the same Goodwill. I do think they have an excellent selection. In fact it's possible that some of the stuff I tried to consign came from there.

Down with Monkeybrained Naysayers.