Monday, February 08, 2010

Wisdom from Mystic Pizza

As I've often mentioned here, I have a K&W cafeteria lunch once a month with half a dozen people with metaphysical interests: Mystic Pizza.

Today was the day and here's the report from the lunchtime mystics (three of whom are pictured below.)
*Instead of flight or fight in a moment of confrontation, try gently shifting your weight from side to side. One could consider this dodging. But in fact it's just giving yourself a bit of room and activity other than darting away or getting in someone's face.
*Things work out better if you let people do you favors and you pick up some of their slack. (Some of the assembled have a hard time with this in practice.)
*Tiny little barely-conscious thoughts can cause our intended actions to get hung up. Invite the thoughts to show themselves.
*Stay fluid.

Sounds more like a self-improvement, how-to-live group, I know. But the discussions included much about the mysteries of energy.

Mystics here with me at this shot at the K&W. Thomas Griggs, a leadership consultant, and Rolfer Marsha Presnell-Jennette. Photo by author, shaman, and computer person, Kelley Harrell.

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Debra W said...

I love Kelley! She has done some readings for me and she is so "right on" that I feel like we know each other!

Great words of wisdom from your group! My father has always said that the biggest way to get someone to become indebted to you is to allow THEM to do a favor for YOU. I didn't fully understand this concept when I was younger, but it makes much more sense to me now. When someone does you a favor, they end up feeling some responsibility in how things turn out and therefore, they become more emotionally involved in your life. This is something that I heard quite often and that he likes to share with my older daughters now. I also like the give and take message that your group came up with.

I like that you think mystically, too. I am actually having a reading with a medium who specializes in receiving messages from our loved ones who have passed in a few days. I am both excited and nervous, but I feel such a need to connect. I know some people find this type of thing very scary, but I don't fear anything that is done with good intentions. I believe it is a gift that some people are fine-tuned into having.(like Kelley who has been a huge comfort to me)

And there is a self-improvement aspect to taping into the mysteries of energy! I mean, science definitely has its limits and there is so much that we can learn from tapping into different kinds of energy.

Have a good week, dear one!

Anonymous said...

Very very interesting Peggy!! Thank you for sharing!!

By the way, oddly enough, the movie Mystic Pizza was on television today. It indeed was a Mystic Pizza day, for all of us!!


Kelley said...

I keep forgetting to write this in email, so whilst I'm here: tonglen. That's the Pema meditation I mentioned. It works.

I need a kayak.

Always so good to see you!

Peggy Payne said...

The tonglen meditation that Kelley mentions is demonstrated on video here:

Kelley, I hope you saw above what a good review you got from Debbie.

Debbie, I hope the upcoming reading goes well.

Irregular Goddess, I also noticed taht MP, the Movie was on that night. It's not a bit mystical except for the location and getting Julia Roberts off to a magical start.