Thursday, March 11, 2010

"You Rock"

Here's a most inspiring post from uber-blogger Seth Godin. It's similar to the change-by-making-a-series-of-tiny-changes approach of kaizen posted about here earlier.

Godin's idea is to be amazingly bold and excellent for a mere five minutes a day. To do that much can rock the world.

I agree with him on all except his last line. See what you think and let us know.

Note: I've been absent from posting for a couple of weeks. Now getting back in the saddle. I took a week of stay-cation: time off at home reading and puttering. Also took a wonderful drawing class. And of course I worked like a maniac in advance and immediately after in order to have time to do this. Thus the alarming absence of my posts... Thanks for noticing.

Note 2: I just noticed that I posted about kaizen this past January and three years ago and thought the concept was new to me both times. Well, I suppose that gives me double the pleasure of discovery.

Finally, welcome to Calin as a regular subscriber here.

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mamie said...

Some of his suggestions of ways to rock seem unattainable to me on a regular basis. However, gestures like five minutes to call a friend, five minutes to write a real snail mail note to someone, five minutes to read inspiring writing, five minutes of blogging, five minutes to meditate, five minutes to really listen to someone speaking to you might be more of kaizen efforts, and doable on a daily basis. Great thought. And yes, you were missed!

Anonymous said...

yes, u were missed . aiki

Anonymous said...

I disagree with the last sentence. The world is teeming with 5 minute
rockers and good things. Yesterday I was stuck in traffic for an hour on a major six lane freeway trying to get on an exit ramp. Hawkers assaulted us waiting in line with Taylor Swift t-shirts,
revealing the cause of tie-up. Without warning, a beat up honda with 'We love Taylor" on the windows let me in. Their kindness rocked my world.

Peggy Payne said...

Thanks, aiki. Glad you missed me.

Mamie and Anon, I'm glad we agree. Seems a more positive view of the world.