Friday, May 14, 2010

Say It Flat Out

I've occasionally been accused of over-subtlety in my communications. I occasionally remind myself that it's a gift to the listener to be clear. My therapist once said to me: "it's not intrusive to tell people what they want to know."

Not that they always want to know what I have to say. But if I'm going to say it, nothing is gained by burying it.

Below, a visual reminder of "flat out," a roadside shot on the way the coast last week. I live now in rolling land, but grew up in the flat out kind. It was thrilling to see it spread out like this. This is the kind of behavior I expect of land.

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Debra W said...

Beautiful, Peggy. And at least you can always see what is right in front of you as you are coming up on it.

Interesting metaphor for how we choose to express ourselves.

kenju said...

And my expectations are always the complete opposite, having been raised where tall mountains and deep valleys prevail. I like the mystery of driving on a curved road, where you are never sure what you will find next.