Friday, July 09, 2010

Rondori: Dealing with Several Problems at Once

How is it possible that my car failed, my computer got a virus, I lost my health insurance, my credit card was stolen, my psychologist husband moved into a new office and independent practice after 42 years with his old group, and major repairs are going on at our house--all in the same few weeks?

Is it something I said?

In some martial arts testing, there's a part called rondori or randori, when multiple attackers come at the candidate all at once. The goal is to stay upright as long as possible.

The closest I'm coming to bold just now is to keep dealing with things one by one.

I'm happy that it's mostly just technical difficulties. My thoughts are with regular visitor here, Mamie, who is coping with big rondori right now.

Steven Seagal performs rondori, aikido

///RHYS ISTERIX | MySpace Video

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kenju said...

Yikes. YOu both have had a patch of very bad karma. Hope it gets better soon.

Peggy Payne said...

Thanks, Kenju. And I love your engine imitation on my new-car post. I think you got it down on "paper" perfectly.

mamie said...

Thanks for the name of what's going on in our lives. It helps. Really. Thanks also for your sweet note.

Maybe it's a Capricorn thing -where's my astrologer when I need him?

Anonymous said...

Hi Peggy,

It could indeed be astrology. There are a series of eclipses in Capricorn and Cancer now. The first one hit June 26, with several oppositions and squares in the Cardinal signs (Aries, Capricorn, Cancer, Libra) and heavy hitting planets Pluto, Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter. This could affect your chart. There is also a solar eclipse Sunday, July 11. Pluto is the planet of transformation, Uranus symbolizes change and rebellion. Jupiter can be good fortune, higher ed, the law, etc and Saturn is responsibilities. See Susan Miller's site:

Kay Summerlin

cfmajors said...

I've been bespat by three major moves in 3 months. My mother to NC, my business to a smaller office, and my daughter to MN from NC. I have decided it's a whack by a 2x12 that requests I focus on what is essential. I am grateful this trifecta is not emergency based, which often they are.

Whatever you do, never ask the question about when it will end.

Peggy Payne said...

Bespat is an excellent word, cfm. I'll find uses for it. I hope things do settle down for you soon.

And for you, Mamie, as much as is possible.

Thanks for the astrological info, Kay. You're always so precise about this stuff--the furthest thing from the newspaper horoscope.