Monday, August 02, 2010

Junk Mail to Art

My friend, Christina, knowing I'll be in Manhattan next week, passed on word of a cool workshop there.

I love the idea, and it can be done anywhere: turning your junk mail, your pile, into a piece of art. When you think about it, there's no end to the forms one's pile of garbage paper and odds and ends can take. Highly customized notecards at the very least.

It'd be interesting to take one day's trash/recycling and see what can be made of it.

If you exercise your creativity and come up with something, send a photo. I'd love to post it.

Note: the wonderfully inventive artist Bryant Holsenbeck has an ongoing slide show on her site displaying her art made from trash and recyclables.


billie said...

I make note paper from mine - not very creative, but I like that it's getting used again before getting recycled.

Peggy Payne said...

I think that's plenty creative? Take a picture of an example, if you get a moment. I'd love to see one.

kenju said...

I use mine for notepaper too, and then recycle it later.But I've often thought of making collages with it.

Peggy Payne said...

Okay, now I see what y'all mean by notepaper. For list-making, not writing thank you notes. (No need to send photos of your lists, Billie.) Thank you for clarifying, Kenju.

One of my own thoughts, never-to-be-acted-upon: decoupage a car.

billie said...

I was wondering why you thought a photo of note paper (used for notes to self) would be interesting at all! :)

But I can easily envision making thank you notes too - would require some creative scissoring to get the blank area in the right place.

I used to make envelopes out of scrap paper but haven't done that in awhile.

I just hate to use "new" materials when so many once-used ones are coming in on a daily basis.