Monday, August 23, 2010

My Bold Bonus Life: 14

Audrey Hepburn is coming back to town today. That's how I think of the young woman who is letting me use her apartment for my 18 day bonus life in Manhattan. l

Audrey is a few days early and is graciously staying with a friend so that I can finish my extra life here.

Her terrace plants are doing well (see above)-- except for the one I 90% killed, then replaced.

Interesting note on the outcome of that hectic crisis: Audrey said don't worry about it, that all the plants would be gone in a couple of months anyway.

So I didn't need to ransack the field of horticulture and tote the crispy plant around Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. On the other hand, that little maelstrom led to some shoe-leather plant detective work that became a mini-adventure (except for the hand-wringing.) And it put me back in touch with a guy I knew in high school and hadn't talked with since. Now an agricultural extension agent, he said it might well recover, but in the meantime to hope it hadn't come from a now-deceased child.

Rainy and marvelously cool here. Have plans for a museum and another of the Fringe NYC plays.

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mamie said...

The story of the plant is so typical of stories in my life, where I worry and worry about something that meant nothing to the other person. Usually it's something I've said or done or not done.

And speaking of plants of the dead (a departure from dead plants), I had a cutting from a phildendron of my mom's that had grown in water for 25 years. Finally I asked my daughter to plant it in dirt because I was afraid that if we did that it would die. It now flourishes in three households, including my daughter's NY apartment.

mamie said...

make that "philodendron". (word verification: cursn)

Peggy Payne said...

Now that's an important plant, Mamie! And I'm glad you have it backed up.

I have one that someone sent when my father died in 1979. My husband is looking after it while I'm in NY. I don't think I've ever mentioned its significance, and probably just as well I didn't tell him as I was leaving on this trip.

Anonymous said...


Peggy Payne said...

I do have clones from that plant, so the pressure's not too terrible.

Although I visited an offspring of the tree under which the Buddha reached enlightenment -- and it didn't feel the same as I imagine the original would.