Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bold Attempt at a Repair

Maybe you build and repair your own cars and refrigerators and such, but not me.

I like instant oatmeal. Processed foods. Processed plumbing. Things already done.

But now and then in the case of my familiar trusty sits-with-me-all-day computer, I get the idea I can fix a problem myself.

Now and then I can and it's greatly satisfying.

But just now I tried to fix a little problem with my blog and accidentally wiped out my entire blogroll. My whole set of lists of links.

And I don't even know yet if I solved the original problem.

Well, I'm told that scientists, inventors, artists, CEOs, etc. should always embrace failure because it shows that we're taking enough risks.

So I'm embracing my lack of a blogroll and calling it a FRESH START.

And I will not let this deter me from further attempts at minor fixes.

Ooh--just stumbled onto an article in the Chicago Tribune that tells me: "'Fear of fixing things is typical of women in their 40s, 50s and 60s... because they were reared to believe that only men are capable of doing home repairs.'"

But the article came out in 1987 so it applies to women who are now at least two years older than me. I certainly don't want to be a predictable stereotype.

Do you fix things? Or hesitate/refuse to? Down with stereotypes!

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mamie said...

Because my husband is a contractor, I have to fix a lot of things myself :)

But I'm never above calling a professional.

billie said...

For me it's not an issue of feeling like I "can't do it" - but more how much time I'm willing to devote to something that someone else could do more quickly. The older I get, the more my time is worth to me - and I want to spend it doing the things I love most.

Peggy Payne said...

I tend to think: oh, I can do this. And then I give it a shot, with little research on how.

Most frequent outcome: a short-term fix that falls apart at an inopportune moment.

Mamie, a client of mine who's a contractor once sent one of his crew to my house for a day to take care of my honey-do list. Maybe you could work out the same deal with your husband.

Billie, I like your strategy.

billie said...

I meant to add: I do think periodically fixing something you think you can't is a good way to get a booster shot of confidence, competence, and self-sufficiency. I repaired a minor gadget recently and it did feel really good!

Peggy Payne said...

I agree. Also, the effort adds to my education about how things work. Somehow that feels valuable to me.

kenju said...

Just yesterday I repaired my husband's cell phone. The cover for the spot that you plug in the charger had come off and I fixed it! My dad showed me how to fix a lot of things - so I always try.

I wiped out my blogroll several yearws ago (on purpose) and I've never put it back, although I've been thinking about it.

Peggy Payne said...

A phone fix is impressive, Kenju. If you have to open the box of something electronic, you get extra credit.

Why did you erase your blogroll?

Debra W said...

Good for you for keeping things in perspective, Peggy! I understand the possible appeal of trying to repair things on your own, however, like Billie I would much rather spend my time doing other things. I hope that during your fresh start, you are able to reconnect with the things that you found useful and valuable before, while discovering some new things along the way!

Happy Saturday!

Peggy Payne said...

This is the third time I've tried to reply to your comment today, Debbie. Each of the other times, I've been told: Out of Service. Possibly my blog is objecting to my doing further repairs to it.

What I was going to say: I think I'm going to hire a young person for the second round of dealing with my blogroll.