Thursday, September 30, 2010

An Extra Life After Ninety

Think you're too old to get a whole new life?

Have a look at this week's New York magazine, which honors nine current high achievers who are in their nineties or over a hundred. (In their hundreds?)

For example, composer Elliott Carter has published 14 new pieces of music since he turned 100.

Turning through the portraits in New York, I was wowed and inspired by what it's possible to do (as long as you're breathing.)

Though maybe it helps to breathe Manhattan air (the location of my most recent and delightful "bonus life" adventure.)

Bold Bonus Life Tip #3: Age is no deterrent. You can get an extra life at any age.

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mamie said...

As a late-comer to the photography and writing scene, I love hearing this. I must tell myself that I might have fifty more years to create!!

But then again, I do work better under deadline. And really, no pun intended.

kenju said...

Well, I'm still working (and I'll be 70 at the end of Oct.), so maybe there's hope for me....LOL

billie said...

I've noticed that whenever anyone interviews people who have lived to be 100 or more, the person is always revealed to be extremely active, physically and/or mentally, with lots of passion for things in general.

Last time I was at Weymouth there was an article in the paper about a resident over 100, and the things she had done before the interviewer arrived at 10 were more than I manage to get done in a day! And included playing the piano for an hour, making jam, etc. I was blown away.

Peggy Payne said...

I love the pun, Mamie.

Kenju, your voice is far younger than your years.

Billie, I believe in the active/passionate dynamic as a cause of longevity. At least, that's where I'm "putting my money."

Peggy Payne said...

Making jam, Billie! That's extreme.

I make toast somewhat before 10 a.m. and give myself a lot of credit.

I'm telling myself she goes to bed really early.

Debra W said...

Whenever I feel as if I have spent the first half of my life focussing on helping to create the successes of the other people in my life, I like to remind myself that now is the time for me.

Thanks so much for the inspiration, Peggy! Knowing that there are those who are still creating after the age of one hundred proves that age should NOT be a deterrent.

Peggy Payne said...

You've created a lot of successful people, Debbie. I'd say that counts pretty heavily. Might even be a bigger deal than a lot of what's billed as creative.