Monday, November 15, 2010

After Four Years of Procrastination ....

Last week I committed myself here on this very blog to finish by last night a project that has been sitting on my desk at home for four years. This job was to go through the thousands of slides and negatives and B&W prints from the years when I was doing a great deal of travel writing. And to sort, cull, and properly store the ones I want to keep.


And only because I staked myself out here publicly.

If I hadn't made a public commitment, I'd have put it off once again. Once I got going it probably took five hours, spread out over two days. Could have done it years ago. But I've finally done it and I'm thrilled.

I highly recommend a public commitment for anything you want to get done. Care to make yourself a promise today? Feel free to do it here.

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kenju said...

Good for you! You give me hope that I might sort my decades of photos. Some are in boxes and some are in albums that are falling apart. I know better than to promise it on my blog, however. I'd probably renege.

mamie said...

Ahhh. That is my large sigh-of-relief tribute to your accomplishment, knowing that you won't have to think about HAVING TO DO IT ever again.

Saw you at Cameron Village today. I spared you by not yelling from the car!

billie said...


Tracy said...

...don't you just marvel at our capabilities to put off and put off and once we DO tackle these tasks, wonder 'what in the world was I waiting for?'
oh to be human!

Peggy Payne said...

Y'all are so encouraging. May all of your problem projects evaporate easily -- leaving only a heady feeling of accomplishment.