Monday, May 07, 2007

After Deadline

So the semester ended Friday.

Saturday I spent on the sofa with a novel, a book of crossword puzzles, and a lot of chocolate cookies. Sounds blissful, exactly what I'd looked forward to--but it wasn't. Instead it was like the days after finishing a draft of a book; theoretically, I feel released. But in fact, I feel foggy, emotionally flat, and irritable.

Sunday was better. I ran some errands, planted a bed of impatiens, stayed awake all day, congratulated myself on having that much energy.

Today, Monday, I'm back at my desk. The work version of post-deadline is: all those little things I was expecting to be eager to catch up on, I'm not. Not eager at all. Any sane person reading this is probably thinking: take a day off! But I don't feel like it. Not eager to do that either.

This mood (which feels chemical/physiological) will pass in another day or so. Most likely by tomorrow. The transition has always taken three days in the past. You'd think I'd learn.

If I did learn, what would I do differently? Probably nothing different. Maybe these periods simply have to be weathered.

I welcome ideas, if anyone knows how to better manage this sort of thing.


billie said...

Peggy, for me it's a very deflated, listless sort of feeling that persists, as you say, for a very set period of time. It does indeed feel chemical/physiological.

I suspect one just has to muddle through it. I wonder if it actually has a usefulness in terms of discharging energy or brain chemical waste products or something.

No ideas, but a big dose of hang in there. :)

Peggy said...

Thanks for the encouragement. Right on schedule, the miasma was gone when I woke up today.

No, actually, it lifted some time last night.

At any rate, that weather front has passed on through.

I like your image of discharging some kind of waste.