Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My 200th Post--School's Out

I'm about to finish doing the grading for my semester of teaching fiction writing at Duke. So it feels right that this entry is an auspicious round number.

Grading is tough in a creative writing course, as every writer/teacher knows.

I do have a system, but there is an unavoidably subjective element. I'm giving it my best judgment, no doubt, overthinking it--not much else I can do.

I'm also startled to discover that I'm losing these people I've focused on so intensely these last four months. I'm not used to this; it's a long time since I dealt with a graduation or last day at summer camp. I'm not jaded, to put it mildly. I'll be watching for their books forever.

At the same time, my schedule will be my own again. I don't mind that part at all. Also, I'll be chatting at this location more frequently than I have this semester. Let me know if I've gotten over-didactic.


billie said...

Congratulations on your 200th post!

And also on finishing up your term as scholar in residence at Duke - or is it on through fall as well?

I've missed the more frequent posts here, and will look forward to them now that your time is freeing up somewhat.

Peggy said...

Thanks. Today's my last day in my Duke office: giving back students' work as they drop by. Kinda fun.

Sassy Sistah said...

Hi Peggy,

Just wanted say I recently found your blog and am enjoying it! Love your books too! I live in Clayton, work in Raleigh. So "hey neighbor!" (And NO, that isn't my photo!)

Peggy said...

Well, hello neighbor to you. I checked out that entertaining not-of-you picture. It's a pretty good approximation of my own energy level today.

Thanks for visiting. Do come again. It's good to have sassy sistahs.