Friday, May 11, 2007

Grant News in the Form of Rejection

I just now found out that I didn't get a grant I'd have loved to have.

The odds were tremendously against my getting it. Intellectually, I didn't expect it to happen.

Even so-- Pooey!!

On the other hand, I learned recently this encouraging bit of information: many grant sources won't award an applicant until they've applied at least two or three times.

My experience in winning these things is a mix: one fellowship took about ten tries to get (and that means ten YEARS), one took two tries, and, thrillingly, I got a couple of others with my first application. Actually they were all pretty thrilling when the answer was finally yes.

I suppose I could code it as a form of boldness, of creative courage, to apply to the same people more than ten times. In any event, it finally worked.

I've only applied for this grant once. So maybe next year--or in 2017.


billie said...

The info about repeat applicants getting the grants seems true for the publishing business in general.

The ones who stick around and squeak persistently are the ones who make it.

Will look for your announcement of grant recipience (is that even a word?) in coming years. :)

Peggy said...

I agree that persistence is probably the key ingredient.

I reminded myself of that when I was tempted to quit on the uphill half of a mountain hike this morning.