Thursday, May 17, 2007

My Writing Office

Because of popular request, I've posted here the pictures of my newly feng-shuied office, which I wrote about several days back.

It feels about 20% larger than it did. Easier to find things too.

The mantel is now, at the direction of the office organizing person, a promotional center for my work, ("a shrine," she said), lining up books I've written and books that have something by or about me. The one tucked in at the very end that appears to have been published by an elementary school student is a mockup I made of my still-in-revision novel Cobalt Blue. I take visualization of the finished product very seriously.


Erin Blaskie said...

Your office is fabulous! I wish I had an office setup that was organized. I'm actually sharing space right now with the spare bedroom so I really need to get a new office!

Thank you for the inspiration and the ideas!

Erin Blaskie

Peggy said...

Hi Erin, Thanks for visiting. I like the office you're showing on your blog--with all parts labeled. Some days, I ought to have a label on my desk.

Anonymous said...

Your blog was listed on Irene Latham's website so I clicked and I will be back later. I checked out your website and added it to my favories list. Irene was voted Alabama State Poetry Society's 2006 Poet of the Year.
Tommie Willis

Peggy said...

Hi Tommie, Thanks so much for adding this spot to your favorites list.

And Irene's Poet of the Year title is seriously impressive.

Do come visit again.