Thursday, October 18, 2007

My Same Old Communication Error

Yesterday in conversation, I once again made my characteristic error: the one that plagues me in writing and causes me to have to do so many drafts of everything I write.

I left out the part that seemed to me obvious.

That would work if everyone saw things in the same way. But it seems that we don't, so this is a bad strategy.

Therefore, my new motto: Nothing goes without saying. I'm taping it onto my monitor.


Erin Blaskie said...

Hi Peggy!

Great post - it was short but I understood exactly what you meant.

It's interesting how our communication changes with the different mediums we use.

In my business, I work virtually with people around the world. They delegate a wide range of items to me and I see how communication affects projects all of the time.

Kudos for blogging about it and for taping it to your monitor.

Erin Blaskie

Debra Whaley said...

Leaving out the part that seems obvious...that made me chuckle because it is a classic parenting mistake!

Sorry to say, Peggy, that there are some people who must have every, single detail or intention, spelled out, in bold letters, with a cherry on top! It can be very frustrating, especially for those of us who have been misunderstood.

What was that old Odd Couple episode where they said the word "assume" ends up making an (excuse my language here) "ass" out of "u" and "me"?

There are days when I think that I should attach a post-it to my forehead that reads, "Nothing goes without saying."

Peggy said...

Erin and Debra, Thanks for your reminder to actually put the motto where I said I was putting it. I hadn't done it yet, and am perfectly capable of forgetting.

So, my next post shows that it's done.

Also, Erin your services on your website (for others, look terrific--especially the Social Networking Package. One of these months soon, I'm likely to do that one.