Friday, October 19, 2007

Remember to Say the (Seemingly) Obvious!

I announced in an earlier post, that I was taping my new law of strong, clear, impassioned writing onto my monitor.

And then forgot all about it, until I was reminded by two people in their comments. This new law for my work (and life) is to remember to say what seems to me obvious, which often tends to be the most important part of the message.

Now in this photo, you see it, as promised, on my monitor. And I'm certain that it's already working.

Technically, for most persuasive power, I should put it more positively, more directly still: REMEMBER TO SAY THE OBVIOUS.

Okay, now I'm putting that one up too, at the top of my screen.

Thanks for the help, Debra and Erin.


billie said...

This is so interesting to me - just this past weekend we hosted a natural horsemanship clinic at our farm which had to do with communicating with horses.

The message from that amazing day was pretty much exactly the opposite of "Nothing goes without saying."

It had more to do with discovering how "loud" we humans tend to be and how we overstate almost everything in both language and behavior.

Now, granted, this had to do with horses, but it spoke to me on other levels as well. I keep thinking I'll blog about it but it almost feels sacrilege after Saturday's near-telepathic communication to sit and write a bunch of words about it!

Enjoying your active blog, though, Peggy. I've been reading but not commenting lately.

Peggy said...

Hey Billie, I'm glad to know you've been around.

And that you offered your wisdom from the horses.

I think both things are important, and that not only do different folks need different strokes, but all of us need different things at different times.

There've certainly been occasions when I'd have done well to have said a lot less.

And that may still be the case. But whatever the quantity of my communication, I'm focusing now on getting my point across.

It may finally result in less palaver. We'll see.

billie said...

Yes, I agree, this too is on a pendulum. :)

I'm still struggling with my tendency to nail something in a sentence and then proceed to go on and say it three more/different ways just in case.

It has been very interesting to see how the work with horses and my writing intersect. In some odd but fascinating way, they seem intimately connected.

Peggy said...

It's amazing where the deep stuff pops up and plays out.

Right now, my writing engine is affecting my taste in clothes, and vice versa.

I'll put up a post in a day or three about my new red shoes.

Debra Whaley said...

Red shoes? Now that sounds pretty bold! Can't wait to hear more about it!

I love that you seem to be stepping forward in style!