Monday, November 12, 2007

Bad Mood

What constitutes boldly living one's best life on a day when one is in a very, very bad mood?

I would love to hear what your strategy is for such times.

I am indeed in a bad mood. And since I'm on a stay-home-and-read vacation, I have lots of should-be-attractive possibilities open to me and no work to either burden or distract me.

What's clear to me is that I should avoid any negotiations or conflicts while I'm feeling this way. Not schedule any conversations that require tact and a good view of human nature.

Exercise would probably help. (Skipping?) Don't know that I'm willing to force myself to do it.

Writing this helps. But writing is my work; and so this is again just falling back on my old stand-by.

I could sit it out. See what bubbles up in my mind.

Well, I'm open to suggestions that could benefit all of us.

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Debra W said...

Awww, Peggy, I do not like bad moods. I get in them, and I have such a darn hard time getting out of them.

Do you think this could be withdrawal from writing? Yes, writing is your work, but it's also your pleasure, at times, so it is quite possible that you are feeling the effects of not being able to express yourself in a way that you are most used to.

I agree that not scheduling any conversations that require tact and a good view of human nature right now, would be a smart idea. However, are there people who make you feel better? Getting together with someone whose company you really enjoy might be helpful. When I am in a bad mood, I usually like to be alone, but if there is someone I can vent to, that usually makes me feel better.

I wouldn't advise forcing yourself to skip(that might make you feel funny, which could make your mood worse!), or to do any exercise unless you feel compelled to get up and sweat. However, a nice walk to clear your mind might be mood enhancing.

Maybe you need a break from reading for a bit. Going to a movie, preferably something light or funny, might help.

When I am feeling really cranky, I usually crave chocolate, so I allow myself to indulge in the very best that I can find. Are there any foods that you are craving?

I think that on days when one is in a very, very bad mood, it is sometimes best to just give into it. Try to be gentle with yourself, and allow yourself to just be. Do things that might take your mind off of it, but if nothing works, then remember that the mood will pass. You will have better days. You don't always have to live boldly. Sometimes just giving yourself some time to live quietly, is the refresher that your spirit needs.

billie said...

Read Dr. Seuss's book My Many-Colored Days. It always makes me smile for the time I'm reading it, and I find myself embracing whatever mood I'm in b/c he's illustrated the common ones so beautifully.

There's also a great picture book called Monster Mama. I've identified with that one plenty too!