Sunday, November 11, 2007


Remember skipping? Not as in cutting classes or turning past the boring parts of some books. I mean the thing you probably used to do on sidewalks.

I haven't done it in some time and haven't missed it at all.

Turning through a Positive Thinking magazine from the summer, I came across a profile of a woman, Kim Corbin, who started skipping one night with friends and decided then and there to start a national skipping movement. "'As adults, we're conditioned to conform and worry about what other people will think....When you skip, you get in touch with the side of yourself that doesn't care about all that."

Twelve years later she still skips daily, and as Head Skipper organizes several large skipping events a year.

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billie said...


My kids and I skip nearly every time we go from the car to a store and sometimes back again. I think I started this ritual when they were little as a way to get them moving so we spent the least time in the parking lot as possible - also kept my adventurous son focused on staying in step with me as opposed to running off in another direction. :)

He will still skip in sync with mom and sister, even at age 13, which delights me to no end.

Trisha said...

Billie, what a cool 13 year-old son you have. To skip along with you and his sister! Probably because you are cool and confident, too.

You and Peggy have put me in the mood to do some skipping myself. Thanks.

Peggy said...

Trisha, I agree: Billie's son is beyond cool.