Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Model of Creativity

A famous British advertising genius died this month: John Webster. In addition to his very imaginative work, he presented a model of a "creative type" who didn't conform to the stereotypes. From Blogger Jia:

"John was the antithesis of the caricature advertising man. Though supremely confident of his own talent, he was never arrogant, did not push himself forward, dressed unexceptionally, threw no tantrums and accepted good ideas from others gracefully, including ideas from clients, something few advertising creative people will countenance."

I don't think I want to dress unexceptionally. But other than that, I think he set an admirable example.

It can take some gumption to be oneself, rather than what is expected of an artist. Which he was.

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Jia said...

Hi Peggy,
I think John Webster died in January 2006 instead of 2008! :)

Peggy Payne said...


Well, thanks for letting me know.

And he and his work still deserve attention.