Thursday, January 31, 2008

Putting Your Message Where It Can Be Seen

Greenpeace pulled a pretty splashy trick this week to get a message across.

They projected--as you would with a movie projector--an environmental warning up onto the Washington Monument. You have to see this.

One night after Bush's state of the Union address and one day before a major climate meeting, these activists used projectors of monster-rock-concert magnitude, and shone up onto the white obelisk the words: "U.S. Global Warming Plan: Hell and High Water" with an image of water climbing high up the monument.

The whole picture and warning stayed up there, outrageously large against the night sky, for ten minutes before security people closed it down.

That ten minutes is the kind of triumphant moment that makes a good movie ending. I'm impressed they pulled it off. Makes me want to cheer.

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Debra w said...

Way to go, Greenpeace! This is really impressive, Peggy. A very BOLD move, indeed!