Monday, June 30, 2008

My Beaded Fish: A Writer's Cross-Training

Last week, during my stay-home-and-clean-up-the-house vacation, I finished this little craft project that I'd let sit for about two years.

Because of popular demand (one request, thank you, Mamie) I'm displaying it here. I mean for it to go outdoors, hanging from a tree near our little "farm" pond. But I hung it up overnight in front of the curtains in the den, and decided for the moment that I like it there.

She's a quarter of an inch shy of three feet long. This kind of goofy free-hand playful handiwork does a lot for loosening up my creative juices for writing. It's very helpful to me to switch gears so radically: to place little physical widgens of color rather than words.

And to not have to meet any standards of quality or of market limitations. Very freeing. It's also nice to literally tie up some loose threads.

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mamie said...

Very nice, Peggy. I am a huge fish person myself - married one as a matter a fact - and my house is full of them. Thanks for sharing.

Peggy Payne said...

You married a fish, Mamie? And have a house full of them? You must post a picture.

Growing up at the beach, I turned into a fish person of sorts. They're wonderfull hypnotic to watch.