Friday, August 29, 2008

Obama the Mensch

Did you watch last night? I found Obama's acceptance speech so exciting that I was almost afraid to be excited. It made me proud of us, I know that for sure. We've come a long way since my childhood in Wilmington, NC.

And now we have a real leader in Barack Obama. He presented big bold ideas; he said flat-out what he means to do. He was specific. He didn't pander or equivocate.

He has both warmth and gravitas, natural persuasiveness and presidential bearing, the kind of courage that looks sunny and relaxed. Obama the Bold. I like the sound of that too.

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kenju said...


Mojo said...

I'm kind of reminded of Jimmy Carter in a rather oblique way. Carter had specific plans, specific goals and for two years he stuck with the agenda. But then came Tehran, an economy in freefall, and a general malaise in the country... and that was the end of the Carter Agenda. And the beginning of what we're currently up to our necks in (the Clinton Administration notwithstanding. Shrub has pretty well negated all of that progress with interest.)

Janet Roper said...

I'm excited to have Obama in the running ~ we truly have a chance for change for the better with Obama.

Anonymous said...

ah, but Obama has no excecutive experience. He's likeable, but too socialist for me. I can tell you're a democrat but won't hold that against you:-)

Laura Neff said...

Amen, Peggy! :-)

Peggy Payne said...

I wondered if I'd get flamed this past week, flaunting my politics as I have. But all the responses have been either in agreement or good-natured. I like that.

Yes, Anonymous, I'm a Democrat, but not a socialist. You are good to forgive me.

I see what you mean about Carter, Mojo. Though I always liked him and certainly admire what he has done since then. But our upcoming president will start his term with the kind of conditions Carter hit at the halfway mark. So he's planning with all that in mind.

Kelley H said...

I suppose if there is a time to flaunt, it's now. I'm not crazy about Obama but I am damn sure not interested in McCain. I guess mostly I'm holding my breath on the whole thing because the last time I felt passionate about a candidate was 12 years ago. Now I mostly just want change.

Peggy Payne said...

Hey Kelley, Wait until you see Gloria Steinem's comment on this election on my blog tomorrow. She's quite incisive.

I like Obama a lot. I also liked Hillary and John Edwards.

My office partner misunderstood what Palin was saying in her speech about the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull being lipstick. Carrie heard her say "hockey mom and a pickle."

I find that dead on.