Monday, November 17, 2008

Amy Poehler's Girl Power Adventure

Amy Poehler -- the Saturday Night Live star who played Hillary and Katie Couric to Tina Fey's Sarah Palin -- has launched a bold new venture. A web show called Smart Girls at the Party. It features young girls and aims to inspire young girls and is entertaining even if you, like myself, are not a young girl.

Poehler says the show is about "extraordinary individuals who are changing the world by being themselves."

The opening interview is with a ten-year old writer and "scooter enthusiast" named Cameron. A video clip shows Cameron doing her writing in a tiara.

I have seriously had in mind to get some sparkling headgear to wear while working on my fiction and once put a jewelled crown on my Christmas list of ideas for my husband; he said, "You'll have to get your own crown." I hadn't gotten around to it.

Amy and Cameron are encouraging me to get on with it.

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billie said...

I have a tiara that is not only jeweled, it can be turned on for even more "shimmering" effects! Haven't worn it while writing though... :)

Peggy Payne said...

Well, do try it-- at full blaze. And report any amazing results.

K.B. said...

As a former theatre costumer, I LOVE dressing up. I've never tried writing while dressed up, though. Perhaps I'll give it a go at some point.

I have noticed that if I read a writer whose voice I like very much, for days afterward I have a hard time not writing like that writer. I don't know what that says about me, but it's probably not good. :)

Peggy Payne said...

I tried to write like Henry James up through college. You can imagine how well that went. I'd have been better of dressing like him.

As I asked Billie: Let us know what happens if you try it. Interesting background in costuming.

K.B. said...

ROFL! I don't think I'd have ever considered dressing like Henry James. :)

Perhaps I ought to try Glenda the Good Witch.

kenju said...

I think you need a tiara and maybe a magic wand!

Peggy Payne said...

I've had a few wands, which I've passed on to people who were having a major birthday or some such. I'm currently wandless though. That may need attention.

Debra W said...

Peggy, wandless? Why however are you able to get anything accomplished without your magic wand? Now, a tiara I must look into! Nothing like declaring myself the queen of my own writing(and everything else!) while sporting my tiara. I do quite like the sound of that.