Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Spiritual Approach to Being Bold

For moments when a bit of originality, creativity, authenticity, or daring are needed, try this experiment. Try saying a genuine prayer--even if you're a nonbeliever.

I don't just mean a reflexive: Oh, God! Get me outta here!

I mean: Hello, God, could you join me in this endeavour? Here's what I need....(then be as specific as possible)

If you're a nonbeliever, you could substitute Higher Power or Best Self. Hello, Best Self, could you join me in this endeavor? (Note: Best Self is available at all times. Does not require weight loss to achieve.)

At the very least the meditative moment helps.

At best, the results are startlingly good.

Here's one to try out, if you doubt that. Next time you're about to enjoy an intimate moment with your partner, say a silent quarter-second prayer: Make me a more generous lover. The results could turn Bill Maher (Religulous) into a believer.

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K.B. said...

I decided to sit and think about this one for a day or so before answering.

One of the things that is really positive and good for people about religious or spiritual beliefs where it comes to a belief in God or other higher power (or, as you say, Peggy, even our own higher self) is that it's good for us not to feel alone, it really helps most people's stress levels.

It can also encourage us to try new things, things that we might fear in case of failure or whatever, because of the "safety net" provided by our belief in an entity, even if it's a part of ourselves, that is accepting of us regardless of failure or fault.

I can't even begin to start ruminating on the benefits and possible approaches to bringing your spiritual or religious beliefs into your daily life here, but I do think that it's always worth doing.

Peggy Payne said...

It is a large subject, K.B. I thought to write about it yesterday because I'd just been at the post office and overheard one of the desk people saying to another: "I keep forgetting to leave it to the one who will fight my battles for me."

'Course it takes a little effort on this end too. But so much better, as you say, to make it a team effort.