Thursday, November 20, 2008

Customer Courage

Just this morning I felt a stupid three-second waver while trying to find someone to sell me a used power supply for my not-new laptop. I was 40 minutes away from the one I'd forgotten and left at my office

I was browsing the Yellow Pages, and thinking: But what if I call the wrong place? Suppose I call a company that sells only giant networks for global corporations?

Well, so what if I do? As a British bus ticket vendor once said when I made a preposterous physically-impossible request out of geographic ignorance: "Oy loyk a giggle."

That's the worst that can happen. No need for three-second wavers.

This is a variation on retail therapy, when you go shopping to feel good. This is personal growth through shopping.

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K.B. said...
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K.B. said...

That's a very Cognitive-Behavioural Theory approach. Identify the situation, work out what is the worse thing that could happen, make your decision as to whether to do it or not... :)

Peggy Payne said...

About the deleted comment, if I did that, it was by accident. Sorry, commenter. Please try again. But if you deleted it, I'm really curious about why!

K.B., I've done some reading a while back on cognitive therapy but didn't realize I'd soaked up enough to spout off about it.

The approach seems sort of commonsense-y. But then a lot of terrific ideas do, once someone has thought them up. The wheel,fire, etc.

Andrew said...
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K.B. said...

Oooh, aargh.

No, BOTH deleted comments there are me! The first was because I didn't realize I could use HTML tags and didn't realize it left a big Comment Deleted tag and there's no way to edit your comments I can see. The second is because a friend had been signed on to his gmail on my laptop and I didn't realize he was still signed in. :)

Yeah, CBT is pretty commonsense. However, given that often common sense is not the first thing on our minds when we're going through something, I suppose it's good to have a road map! :)

Peggy Payne said...

Yeah, it's amazing what I can lose sight of. I have to keep notes to myself taped onto my computer.

The current one for revising fiction is: MEANING Why is it good or bad that X has happened?

K.B. said...

Not a bad thing to examine about non-fiction life experience, either! :)