Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Little Health Insurance Hell: Part Two

So after my first efforts failed, I (boldly) talked with a Blue Cross rep by phone who kindly told me the name of a drugstore where I could get a vaccination that would be covered.

The next day I went to the drugstore. They give the anti-shingles shots, but said my insurance wouldn't cover it. I reported that I'd been told to come there specifically. The pharmacy man said Blue Cross is telling people that they can get the shots there, with coverage, but that BC hadn't yet given the store the infrastructure and info needed to do it.

He said people are coming to that store on a daily basis, expecting to get the vaccine with Blue Cross coverage, and then not being able to get that.

So, fuming in my car in the mall parking lot, I (boldly) called Blue Cross again and was told that all the info I'd received on the previous day about the drugstore was incorrect.

Now seethingly considering my next (bold) action.

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kenju said...

I was told today that I could get it at Kroger Pharmacy - but the implication was it would be free - and I doubt that very much!!

Peggy Payne said...

Thank you! Will investigate further.

Anonymous said...

Reality check. The harsh truth is that you have health insurance while many have lost theirs. Don't sweat the small stuff. The shot will happen, just not on your timeline.

Mojo said...

Breathe Peggy.

At times like this, I consider the question, "What Would Gandhi Do?"

Then again, Gandhi didn't have Blue Cross to deal with. They might have tried even his patience.

Peggy Payne said...

Mojo, Anon., and All,

My responses are on Friday's new post. Thanks for taking part in this discussion. I think it is important.

Peggy Payne said...

I'm having trouble getting Friday's post to show up. Something about cookies or the lack of them, I think.
My post seems to have disappeared altogether. Will be back.