Friday, June 12, 2009

Dare to Unwind: It's a Summery Thing to Do

From the Daily Om, "Tied in Knots":

"We don’t have to tie ourselves in knots. Instead, we can let the ribbons of our energy unfurl to gracefully direct us...."

I think that probably means: go swimming. Which I did in the ocean at Wrightsville Beach, NC, on Saturday. Bright sun, low tide with big waves breaking close to shore and a current running parallel with the beach. Briefly chilly, then blissful, with wonderful ocean sand underfoot. I could feel my ribbons of energy unfurling....

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billie said...

Sounds incredible, and so clearly described I felt my own ribbons unfurling!! Thank you!

Peggy Payne said...

I'm glad to hear it worked so well for you, Billie. I should read it again--or maybe not. My ribbons are so unfurled at the moment that I fell asleep for half an hour in the driveway to my office. (in my car)