Sunday, October 11, 2009

Several Reasons to Seize the Day

Hyper-alive today. Partly the blue sky and October air. Mainly it's being reminded by the waiting-for-news friend I posted about yesterday and then seeing last night another pal who is increasingly disabled. I'm worried for both of them and yet overwhelmingly glad we're all three alive.

And one more thing, I just left the reunion of participants in a June writing workshop at Meredith University. (I led the fiction-writing group that week.) Today people read from what they're working on--and reported an impressive number of stories and poems accepted for publication. Hearing all that also felt enlivening to me: plus, of course, there was the fruit/cheesecake tart and the cookies, the gustatory equivalent of blue skies and fall air.

So to recap, reasons for seizing the day:
*good buddies
*cookies and other pastries
*time is short.

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mamie said...

Oh no! I forgot the reunion tea. I was hanging out off and on at the bookstore celebrating the 25th anniversary of my favorite independent bookseller. And I had something ready to read too!

It was a wonderful week and I would have loved to see everyone. Glad it went well.

Peggy Payne said...

A Quail Ridge Books celebration is also an important place to be.