Thursday, February 18, 2010

Il Fuoco Nelle Vene

Flipping through an old Allure magazine a few nights ago (I'm into Old Allure), I came across a breakout quote that seized my attention: " fuoco nelle vene....) which means "fire in the veins" and refers to living with passion.

The story was about the style of Italian women, at least some of the more flamboyant ones. The writer adopted that style and found it liberating and pretty thrilling to be mistaken as Italian.

I found interesting the responses of a few other online personalities to this quote:

It's Q's World says the phrase is "... an Italian expression for women carrying on in an over the top way (more referring to a Gaudy look, obvious makeup, extra jewelry buxom big hair , and I truly I do feel I'm living like that, well that and my Tits Out, big Heels, lots of gloss and eyebrows and legs out approach to life, with Fire in the Veins, is what the Italos call it, I need more eyeliner in my life to finish pulling the look But I'm almost there!"

Fuck Yeah, Tattoos!: shows the phrase wrapping in elegant cursive around a bare midriff.

Actor-singer Demi Lovato on CelebrityTweet: "So, blood is fire pulsing through our veins.. We're either writers or fools behind the reigns..."

Erin Ashley has posted a painting of hers on the theme: "The Italians have a name for their rapturous approach to life: Fuoco nelle vene."

One blogger admired the philosophy and its "rupturous approach to life."

I have a more subdued approach myself, not so rupturous as some of these. Even so, the fire-in-the-veins image and the very sound of the Italian phrase feels pleasingly intoxicating.

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aiki said...

i bet u have fire in yr veins re some/plentya' things/ people--& being so re everyone/thing all the time wld be Melodrama, in-authentic & exhausting!to be(& be around )--so fakey , or hypomanic or Dx hysteric, or the dreaded B word.
i'm only 1/2 Italian , still i can assure u , "That" melodramatic manipulation is even less effective @ happiness than most masks. Aiki

Peggy Payne said...

Fine wisdom from a half-Italian, aiki. Thanks.

Megan Martin said...

Peggy, could you tell me the magazine article? I've heard someone else talking about it recently and would love to read it..but I can't find it on line anywhere! Thanks so much!

Peggy Payne said...

I couldn't find it either, Megan. Sorry not to be able to help.