Friday, April 23, 2010

Shear Boldness

Yesterday afternoon my writing group was called off, and instead of rushing back to my laptop, I went home and hit the garden.

Hit is the operative word. I did some serious pruning. For me, this is a bold move.

My general gardening philosophy is: if a thing wants to grow, I let it grow. This concept, put into practice, lends the place a certain straggly aura.

Yesterday, however, I got out the good clippers and restored all the edges, crisped up the paths. It looks great. The shrubs are looking perky and robust. And I'm very empowered.

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billie said...

I did the same thing about 6 weeks ago in my front beds. I like the wild look for the most part, but at some point you have to reclaim things. I'm a complete sucker for volunteer plants and have to force myself to take them out when they're thwarting other things meant to be there.

The craziest thing is that right now I have a trumpet vine, a muscadine grape vine, and Japanese roses growing in the enclosed area UNDER my front porch! It's bare earth and gets almost no sun!

Debra W said...

Good for you, Peggy! Things will grow in healthier and more lush looking after being cut back. I always have such a hard time doing that to my rose bushes, but then they always grow back more beautiful.

Time very well spent!

Peggy said...

A meter reader did quite a job on my roses last week, Debbie. Didn't need any pruning there. Maybe I should thank him.

Billie, there's magic going on under your porch. Garden fairies at work.