Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Shocking Number

Just passed a thousand posts on Friday without even knowing it. That would be about three novels in length. Though, I must say my novels are more considered than my posts. Still, it does make me think. A thousand! Damn! Will have to cook up an appropriate celebration.

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Debra W said...

Wow, Peggy, 1000 posts! That is quite an accomplishment! Congratulations! I, for one, am always appreciative of what you have to share. I look forward to coming over here to read what you have to say.

A celebration is definitely in order! I am curious to see what you come up with!


mamie said...

Here's to you!

billie said...

Wow - 1000! Congratulations on a long and fruitful run here. I always enjoy reading.

Peggy Payne said...

Thanks, Debbie, Billie, and Mamie. I'm always glad when I see your comments.

Mojo said...

Woo! I had #2000 sneak by me that way. Now #2500 is trying to do the same thing. (Advanced scheduling plays havoc with figuring out when that's gonna happen.) Congratulations. There should be cake or something.

Peggy Payne said...

You're amazingly prolific, Mojo.

There was no cake, but I did eat a half pound of fudge for lunch yesterday-- on the ferry back from Ocracoke. That felt pretty celebratory, though I didn't attach it to any particular event.