Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Courage to Age

Good friend with bad diagnosis. Too much of this is happening and at an increasing pace. And I'm only 61.

I'd always heard that old age was not for sissies; I thought that saying referred to coping with one's own ailments, impairments and indignities.

But, no -- it's a whole lot larger than that.

I've watched my wonderfully healthy mother deal with what has happened to so many people close to her. It started when she was 56 -- more than 30 years ago. One example: a few years back, she went on a three-week trip and came home to find that three friends had died.

My point: you gotta be bold to get old. The elderly don't get enough credit for their strength.

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kenju said...

I am finding that out on a daily basis. (I'm close to 70)

mamie said...

I've just spent most of the last month and a half back and forth with my dad. He is 88, and up until May 5 lived alone, drove, went to choir and work and never missed but one Rotary meeting in almost fifty years, DELIVERED Meals on Wheels. He has bravely tried to recover, and now is facing brain surgery. What has taken the most courage, it seems to me, is the way he does not shy away from the possibility that he may die at any time, and the way he has planned the songs and speakers he wants at his funeral. Looking death in the eye with dignity takes a lot of boldness.

Peggy Payne said...

It sure does, Mamie. And I hope his surgery goes well and he's delivering meals once again. He sounds like such a trooper.

Kenju, I wouldn't have guessed your age from your voice. That's one interesting thing about on-line friendships.

Toby said...

Thanks for the gentle but Bold reminder!

Anonymous said...

serious--M, i've always thot it's Fine to go gentle into that good night, & fine too to live! until i die--yr dad sounds like a fine fella.

funny & also true from W.A.--"i don't mind dying.., i just don't want to be there when it happens."

the movie "departures " also speaks poigntantly ?sp of death--beautiful movie ! aiki1