Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hypnosis at My House on Friday

This is a plug for the wonders of my magical husband. A clinical psychologist, Bob teaches self-hypnosis in an all-day seminar at our house about every three months. This quarter's "all-day," as we call it, is this Friday at our log cabin beside a pond in the woods.

Participants learn to use self-hypnosis for whatever purpose they choose: enhancing creativity, managing pain, improving focus, dealing with emotions, or who-knows-what else. I've been to a couple of these one-day classes myself; the day after the first one, I started Revelation, my first published novel.

If you're going to be anywhere near the Chapel Hill/Jordan Lake area of North Carolina and are interested, call Bob Dick at 919 215-4703 for info. It's a bold step toward your goal.

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Tracy said...

Peggy, I would love to participate; unfortunately can't do it this time but please let me know the next time he runs a course. This would be something I've always wanted to do.

Debra W said...

Maybe someday, I will travel out to your neck of the woods! Revelation was a wonderful novel, so I am sure that Bob's teachings are very effective.

I LOVE the picture of you and your nephew! Congratulations! I can tell that you are a very proud auntie and he is a very lucky young man. What will he be doing next? I don't know if the job market for college grads is as difficult back east as it is here, but I feel so sorry for this generation. Very, very rough. I wish your nephew lots of luck in whatever he decides to do.


Debra W said...

You and Bob look wonderful!

Peggy Payne said...

Thanks, Debbie. I'm definitely proud of that guy in the gown. Also the other older fellow.

Tracy, I'll let you know the date for the next seminar. Please send me an email, so I'm sure I have your address. I'm at

Peggy Payne said...

Also, Debbie: he's leaving his during-school-years job at the end of this month and going out to seek his grown-up fortune. I think he'll do well. He has always been amazingly good at getting jobs.

Debra W said...

Some people just exude that "I am the one for this job" aura! Sounds like your nephew has that quality! You are right, he will do just fine:)

Anonymous said...

WHAT'A shameless promoter of yr extraordinary husband u are---
and what'a loving & supportive partner u are--i heard someplace that u 2're unusually happy together-well no wonder/ u sure do yr part an' more !

i've been to those All Day Hypnosis Retreats too--powerfuly useful & cost-effective---some folks seem to do most/all their therapy in those things. aiki

Peggy Payne said...

I started my first published novel, Revelation, the day after one of those alldays. Did I already mention that?

Yes, we're very happy, I'm happy to say.