Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Stephen King and Colonel Sanders

Reminders to persist toward your bold goals:

"Colonel Sanders was in his 60s before he founded Kentucky Fried Chicken.
...Stephen King wrote many novels before he had his first one published.
Dolly Parton was told that she sang like a billy goat and had no chance of making it in show business."

Please note the source of this encouragement: SZ Magazine, a publication on dealing with schizophrenia, created and edited by Bill MacPhee, who was diagnosed with this ailment at the age of 24.

"Over the years of publishing SZ Magazine," he writes, "I've noticed one common denominator: The people who deal well with their illness have persistence. that seems to be the difference between people who succeed and people who do not. People who keep trying...succeed despite their failures."

This is also true of people who don't carry the burden of schizophrenia.

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Tracy said...

Peggy, I think ANYONE who has hurdles in their lives and are persistent have a much better frame of mind and acceptance of their life as it is than people who are in denial. I think that's why we have drugs, crime, and all the other afflictions we as humans deal with on a day to day basis...I think we all must make a conscious decision to either give in to our pain or break through and thrive. I know I had to...

Peggy Payne said...

I agree. Stick-to-it is a good strategy for anyone. And if people with incurable major mental illness can do it, the healthier of us surely can.

Debra W said...

Very interesting that as I am reading this, I am watching Oprah and she has a little girl on who suffers from very severe schizophrenia.

Persistence is something that has become my constant friend. It is something that helps me to forge through the pain in order to break down the walls that sometimes block me off from the rest of the "healthy" world.

You must do a lot of reading, Peggy. Thank you for sharing so many interesting findings and ideas!