Monday, November 01, 2010

Bold Campaigning (Cam-Payning?)

When it's your brother who's running for office, you'll do all sorts of bold and marginally undignified things. Like standing beside a highway in a startling coat for four hours, waving and grinning at every single car that passes.

That's how strongly I feel about Harry Payne being elected to be a NC Appeals Court judge.

Out on the roadside Saturday, lifelong family friend and architect Paul Boney kept me company and did the lion's share of holding the banner up against the gusts of wind. Prior to this day, we had between us already suffered three sports injuries of the shoulders and elbows. Yet we kept the sign aloft; through hours of UNC game traffic, our flag was still there.

It was so much fun. Paul and I had about 58 years of people and places in common to chat about. And I felt as if we were getting another vote or three with every honking car that passed. I also felt, by the end of our shift, as if I'd sailed a small boat twenty miles, which is a good feeling. I was so glad I did it...

Because Harry is such a good fair guy.

He has been Labor Commissioner for the state for two terms, served six terms in the state Legislature, and spent seven years as Employment Security Commissioner.

My psychologist husband Bob Dick is even doing a radio ad today that says: Vote for my brother-in-law Harry Payne -- He changed my mind about politicians and lawyers -- I'd never known such an ethical and good-hearted person could function so well in those jobs.

If you're in North Carolina, please vote for Harry Payne for Appeals Court judge. If you're outside this fine state, I hope you'll contact all your friends here and ask them to cast a vote for Harry.

BTW, the candidate himself took the picture above. He boldly ventured into tall grass to get the shot.

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Jodi said...

Good for you, Peggy! I'll be voting tomorrow!!

Peggy Payne said...

Thanks, Batman!

mamie said...

Wish I'd known - I have a bright pink raincoat too and I could have held the other side for a hour or two. He already had my vote but it's good to know when someone's sibling likes them so much. THAT'S an endorsement. :)

Peggy Payne said...

Next time, Mamie. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

u're bold indeed !! may yr candidate be successful !
i clicked yr husband ? / ? bob dick on this post & got " this page does not exist ??

ruth sheehan said...

Bold palette, bold spirit -- and a fabulous sister. Thanks so much Peggy!

Peggy Payne said...

Thanks to a fabulous sister-in-law, Ruth.

Peggy Payne said...

Will check on the link, Anon. Thanks.