Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The Courage to Run

Thanks to all who were so helpful in my brother Harry's campaign for judge. He didn't win this one. And this is the first race out of his nine political campaigns that he ever lost. It seemed to me, after he won his first at age 27 against a long-established incumbent and two other fearsome and well-funded opponents, that he would always win.

Well, that's almost never true.

This new outcome is disappointing to me. And he's being a champ about it. The candidate who appears to have won -- and it's not yet settled -- is a good person of similar philosophies; and that's some comfort. (It's certainly not true in a lot of the contests decided yesterday.)

As is usually true, with more than two candidates in a number of races, more people lost than won.

This fact brings to mind again a thought I've often had: what courage it takes for people to run for public office.

It's so public.

It's like being a writer and having every rejection in the news -- in detail.

I know that some politicians are as slippery as the stereotype portrays. But many aren't. Some, like brother Harry, are scrupulously decent people.

And people in politics don't get the proper credit for the guts it takes to be so public.

In every area of life, and especially in public life, it takes a lot of courage to run the race.

Thanks to all who have the boldness to run.

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Mary Alford-Carman said...

Your analogy of running for office and having your rejection's posted publicly hit home and also illistrated just how hard it must be to be out there, so public, with other's support, but alone.

I have to admire someone who looses and still shows good grace. Kudos to your brother for that. Maybe one day I'll learn.

mamie said...

You were a staunch supporter. I voted for him both in the election and as a run-off candidate. This election was disappointing to me on many levels. As I said on Facebook: "Have at it, suckahs. I'm sure you'll make it all better. {laughs maniacally}"

Sometimes I have to ask: What is the point? And being negative goes against my nature.

Peggy Payne said...

Thank you. Maybe I'll learn too one of these days, Mary. Love the "suckahs" concept, Mamie. Will check out your Facebook wisdom.